Summer Salon 2017
May 26, 2017 - June 15, 2017
16 works

Daphne Confar - Lou, thinking about lunch
Lou, thinking about lunch
John Dowd - Club Deuce (South Beach Twilight)
Club Deuce (South Beach Twilight)
Chet Jones - Trawler at MacMillan Wharf
Trawler at MacMillan Wharf
Janet Lage - Rope 4
Rope 4
Michael Costello - Selfie with Silver III
Selfie with Silver III
Jane O'Hara - The Passionate Pom
The Passionate Pom
Edie Nadelhaft - Doughboy / Monument / Fog
Doughboy / Monument / Fog
Christopher Sousa - Are you lost, son?
Are you lost, son?
Daphne Confar - Sandra reads into the wee hours
Sandra reads into the wee hours
Janet Lage - Tie Me Down Study 4
Tie Me Down Study 4
Jane O'Hara - The Skeptic
The Skeptic
Edie Nadelhaft - Untitled (Ptown No.1)
Untitled (Ptown No.1)
Christopher Sousa - How was I to know?
How was I to know?
Jane O'Hara - The Vision
The Vision
Edie Nadelhaft - Untitled (Ptown No.2)
Untitled (Ptown No.2)
Christopher Sousa - Paused for Flight
Paused for Flight